22 Mar 2012

Polyester Tumblr- Personal mood board, inspiration...


Postmodernism- Visuals

Postmodernism- Development

18 Mar 2012

Blooms samples- experimentation

It was found a misprinted aesthetic became popular from feedback. These are a selection of screen printed samples which I felt were not perfect but had something special about them. The last sample was the backing sheet for the project, at the end I felt drawn to the layers of imagery that had been printed one onto another.

24 Jan 2012

Pages taken from my Postmodernism sketchbook. 

All own images and drawings for Postmodernism project. I was inspired by derelict, forgotten places taking inspiration from around winchester. Drawings were inspired by found images of an industrial estate and the second by illustrations of London.
Exhibition in the foyer of uni for the blossoms and blooms project.